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Our Mooting Program

As part of the institutional strategy of the iLLB Programme, our aim is to expose and promote legal education in Cambodia to be on par with other universities around the globe, and thus taking the law outside the books and put in practice through participating in moot court competition is one of our key milestones.

The IMCP’s objectives are to bring about the inspiration and commitment to better prepare Cambodian law students to expose more to international experience and build their capacity through their engagements deeply

on interesting and topical legal issue, enhance their advocacy, legal research and writing skills, and demonstrate their interest in advocacy in order to ultimately contribute to society.

Therefore, we believe that the students in our programme will experience and benefit for their future professional career path and effectively contribute to their society through this determined and concise approach.

Below are moot competitions we are participating:

NUM team claims all awards in IHL Moot national round 2019

iLLB students made a historic run in IHL moot court competition national rounds when they claimed all available awards in their first mooting experience.

NUM team to placed as top 70 in Vis Moot and top 32 in AIAC Vis Pre-moot

In Vis Moot, NUM team became first Cambodian to ever advance top 70-team of 379 teams competing, and top 32-team of AIAC Vis Pre-Moot.


BORN Bunchheang

Class of 2022

Studying law at iLLB gave me more confident to hold a future career in legal profession. Selecting iLLB to pursue the undergraduate degree of law is the right decision.



LIM Heang

Class of 2022

I feel much more comfortable and confident of all every single practical experience that I have been through so far, and trust the experience here will bring me to right direction in legal professions.



Class of 2022

I greatly appreciate iLLB’s commitment to high academic achievement while also encouraging students to get involved in other extra-curriculum activities that iLLB has offered; particularly, the world top Moot Court Competition.


HOUT Sreypich

Class of 2022

Being able to join this program makes me realize that I realize my leadership skills and confidence in myself.



SOPHANY Chandara

Class of 2022

I can proudly say that this was the best decision I have ever made for my education. It was a wonderful start and allowed me to hit the ground running. I became more eager to learn and to immerse myself into the program’s activities.